Code of Conduct

CODE OF ETHICS In carrying out our professional activity, we always act with strict respect for the law and fundamental rights, such as freedom and privacy of the debtor, that these rights can never violate or transgress, as well as collect contracts employees and business partners of the company. We understand the behaviors that in this business never allowed: No action will take place against a minor, elderly, disabled and seriously ill. It will be fired from the company which make criminal, such as threats, coercion, harassment, burglary, insults, aggression or provocation of the same behaviors; in short, all those that are contrary to the norms of morality and ethics, held both against the person of the debtor, as the people of their social and family environment. The company shall, from the time of its knowledge, denouncing such acts. Collecting debts which originate in crimes, such as theft, robbery, against public health, from gambling, etc. it is not allowed Likewise, no activity is allowed whatsoever regarding false or nonexistent debts. No action shall be made in poor against. Finally, our staff will ensure each and every one of their performances, by safeguarding and prestige of the brand.